Monday, September 22, 2008

Wild Weekend


Paul Barlow said...

I think you're the first in the family to have a blog. It reminds me of when Monk said:"Look I'm blogging." Tag looks like a beautiful dog.

Rachel said...

Of all my sisters, I always thought you were the most cosmopolitan. So I've had a grin on my face all day imagining you in a straw hat and overalls shooing chickens! I'm headed to IFA today, need anything? I kid because I love!!

Kristen B. Schnurman said...

My friend kidded me that I should now bequeath her my Prada shoes. Rest assured that I still have style..and my shoes!

But there is something about physical labor that allows me to think. It's very cathartic. I feel like I'm beginning to channel Abigail Adams - minus her large brood of children and hot-headed husband.