Friday, December 12, 2008

A lesson

"Mommy, do chickens have spirits?"


"Yes, honey. Chickens have spirits."




"Yes, Jake?"

"Will the chickens be alive again when Jesus comes back?"

thud. chhh-chunk. 

"Yes, honey. That's right."


thud. chhh-chunk


"Why do the chickens have to go in the ground? Because Pete broke their necks? I want to see."

"Yes, Jake. Pete killed the chickens."

"But why did he kill them, because he's bad?"

"No, Jake. It's just the way he's made. He's designed to kill little things like rats, moles, chickens...that's what he was bred for."


"Yes, Jake?"

"When I'm dead who will put me in the ground?"

"Sweet-pea, let's not worry about that right now."

"Bye Peaches, bye other chickens! We'll see you when we're dead!"

Thud. Thud.

"Mommy, is it milk and cookie time?"

"Yes, Jake. I definitely think so."